Since they are some of our most important clients, Maytech is present in the breweries from the very beginning. The list of our clients consists of all breweries in Serbia and surroundings...



Milk and milk products require the conditions that guarantee microbiological stability of the product, any practices contrary to this could cause shorter shelf life...


Food industry

Our long-term presence in the food industry market, including designing and performances of works, took us to the major companies which are our standing clients. The list includes: Marbo PepsiCo, Varvarin Voće, Coca Cola HBC, Soko Štark, Knjaz Miloš, Bambi-Banat...


Pharmaceutical industry

Satisfied clients are the best recommendation for know-how and quality, provided by Maytech employees.Works in companies like: West Pharmaceutical Services, Galenika, Zdravlje Actavis, Zorka Pharma, Hemofarm Stada...



Designing and performing of works in biotechnology, especially in yeast production as one of the most demanding technological process...




DesigningDesign studio is made of engineers team with long-standing experience in designing and performing of works according to the most advanced techonology in process industry and cooling systems.

Our team offers services of designing and performing of process and supporting installation in the  following industries:

Designing and performance of new technological lines with fully automated process and implementation of new solutions into the existing facilities are main directions of our activities as well as purchase of equipment, supervision on performing mechanical and electrical works, putting into operation, maintenance and servicing.  What makes our team the special one is thorough approach to the analysis of client's demand, entire understanding of the process in order to find a solution which meets strict requirements regarding quality of products in food industry and almost equally strict demands of end users.

Designing and performance of industrial cooling facilities

Industrial cooling facilities used to be just a part of manufacturing process. By raising awareness of necessity to intensify efforts for preserving environment and significantly increased expenses  directly and indirectly related to the cooling systems, energetically efficient and ecologically sustainable solutions became a pressing need. Our team of experienced engineers will offer you various options, starting from the ones focused on energetic efficiency and reliability to those which require lowest initial investments. The purpose of the aforesaid is to find solutions which meet each particular investor's demand.
Designing and performance of cooling facilities with direct evaporization (ammonium, freon, CO2) or with secondary cooling fluids (propylene glycol, ethylene glycol...) are our basice activities. Implementation of new solutions into the existing facilities, purchase of equipment, performance of mechanical and electrical works, putting into operation, maintenance and servicing also make a scope of the service we provide.

Among the performed installations we would emphasize:

  • Thermic and constructive calculations, manufacturing creation and mounting of hot-dipped zinc coated vaporizers for ice water tanks, with cooling capacity of 1,0 MW
  • Designing, dimensioning, making and mounting of cooling systems for refrigerating tanks in cream lager, including installation of half-pipe coils onthe existing tanks.
  • Designing, dimensioning, making and mounting of freon (A404A) cooling exchange (5 parallelly connected compressors) with cooling capacity of 300 kW
  • Designing, dimensioning, making and mounting of systems for cooling electrical cabinets of steam presses, with cooling capacity of 20 kW

Long-standing users of our services in the field of cooling are

  • Zaječar brewery (USB Heineken „Zaječarsko“)
  • Novi Sad brewery (USB Heineken – „Rodić MB“)
  • Trebjesa Nikšić brewery (StarBev – InBev)
  • Prilep brewery
  • Alltech Serbia
  • Varvarin Voće
  • West Pharmaceutical Services


In order to provide best possible designing solutions, we conduct measurements so we could establish current condition of installations, system and equipment and on the occasion of putting new installations into operations. Following measurements are included:

  • Liquid flow by ultrasonic gauge, method without damaging pipelines
  • Pressure in installation with memorizing data
  • Temperature (surface, air, liquid, non-contact measurement...) with memorizing data
  • Thickness of steel pipes and vessel walls
  • Thickness of anti-corrosive protection sediment
  • Revolutions per minute
  • Velocity and relative air humidity
  • Liquid permeability
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