Processing installations

We are equipped with most up-to-date tools and necessary supporting equipment so that we can ensure prompt and effective making of most complicated technical installations in industry.

Several teams made of experienced mechanical and electrical engineers and highly qualified craftsmen (welders, mechanical, insulation and electricians fitters) have been formed for execution of works. We are equipped with most up-to-date tools and necessary supporting equipment so that we can ensure prompt and effective making of most complicated technical installations in industry. We are specialized in making installations made of non-corrosive carbon steel and plastic materials (PVC, PP, PE, PVDF and PTFE). We possess orbital welding devices, with open and closed head as a necessity for works in pharmaceutical industry. Our know-how, organization and equipment enables us to simultaneously perform works on several objects. Our offer implies entire engineering of technological lines on turnkey principle, either it is a new plant or reconstruction of the existing ones. Object of our service are technological lines with different manufacturing and energetic fluids (steam, condensate, compressed air, hot water, cooling fluids, concentrated acids, concentrated base, various additives...). Within engineering we provide complete automatization of process (by investor's request).

Our teams are also fully competent to diagnose any malfunction or problem, suggest solutions and accomplish them, all in accordance with investor's requests.

Our services include:

  • Breweries, 
  • Dairies, 
  • Wineries,
  • Juice factories, 
  • Water factories, 
  • Yeast factories,
  • Confectionery factories, 
  • Pharmaceutical factories.

During our long-term engagement we have accomplished successful cooperation with best European manufacturers of processing equipment: Krones - Steinecker, GEA TU Brewary system, Alfa Laval, APV, Kieselmann. We were engaged on mounting their equipment in companies such as Heineken Srbija, Carlsberg Srbija, Molson Coors Brewing Company (Star Beverage Co, AB InBev, Interbrew), Efes, Prilep Brewery. We also worked for reputable companies like: Centec, Veolia Water Technologies (Berkefeld), ACO Service, GEA Wiegand, Ruland E&C, Sopura, I.C.E. – Ingѐnierie Conception Expertise, GEA Westfalia ... where our craftsmen, welders, mechanical and electrical fitters passed demanding working tests.

Among domestic companies we would point out: Heineken Srbija, (Novi Sad Brewery, Zaječar Brewery, Weifert – Pančevo Brewery), Carlsberg Srbija (Čelarevo Brewery), Molson Coors Brewing Company (Apatin Brewery, Trebjesa Nikšić Brewery), Marbo PepsiCo, Coca - Cola HBC Srbija, Knjaz Miloš, West Pharmaceutical Services d.o.o. Beograd, Zdravlje Actavis, Galenika, Zorka Pharma, Alltech Serbia Senta, Lesaffre RS Ltd. Beograd.

Over the past 20 years, Maytech has been performing process installations in large projects for the German company Veolia Water Technologies. The largest of these facilities are located in Egypt: 6. October PepsiCo, Nasr City PepsiCo, Amreya PepsiCo, Beyti, Minya PepsiCo, Tanta PepsiCo. We also performed at facilities in Yemen - Hodeiddah and the United Arab Emirates.

For the French company I.C.E. - Ingènierie Conception Expertise, Maytech performed works on major projects in Saudi Arabia, the city of Jeddah - Pepsi Megaplant. Also, in KSA for the same company (I.C.E.) carried out the work on the projects of Global Beverage Company (GBS) - Rayadh, Jeddah, Al Qassim. In addition to the above, performed works were carried out on projects Safa Water Company - Makka and Hana Water - Al Qassim. The work on these projects required the engagement of complete Maytech's professional staff, operations and tools. In addition to the above, our engineers and managers, on behalf of the company I.C.E., were engaged as supervisors in other countries of the Middle East and Asia. Also for I.C.E., Maytech carried out works on facilities: Alokozay - Kabul - Afghanistan, Sana - Yemen, United Arab Emirates ...





Whether for a future project or to obtain more information on about our company, you may contact one of our offices and our devoted personnel will quickly put you in contact with the person who can best satisfy your needs.

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