Cooling installations

Design and construction of cooling systems with direct evaporation, or secondary refrigerants is one of our activities.

Industrial cooling facilities used to be just a part of manufacturing process. By the raising awareness of necessity to intensify efforts to preserve the environment and increasing costs directly and indirectly related to cooling facilities, the need for energy efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions has been created. Our team of experienced engineers will suggest you various solutions, starting from the ones focused on energetic efficiency and reliability to those which require the minimal initial investments.

The purpose of the above is to find solutions that satisfy every investor's request.

Maytech deals with the design and implementation of direct-evaporator cooling systems (ammonia, freon, CO2), or with secondary cooling fluids (propylene glycol, ethylene glycol...). Implementation of new solutions in existing facilities, purchase of equipment, performance of mechanical and electrical works, commissioning, maintenance and service, also fall within the scope of our activities.

Among the performed installations we would emphasize:

  • Thermic and constructive calculation, manufacturing creation and mounting of hot-dipped zinc coated vaporizer for ice water tank, with cooling capacity of 1,0 MW 
  • Designing, dimensioning, making and mounting of cooling system for tank refrigeration in cream lager, with installation of half-pipe coils in the existing tanks 
  • Designing, dimensioning, delivery and mounting of freon (R404A) cooling exchange (5 parallel connected compressors), with cooling capacity of 300 kW
  • Designing, dimensioning, delivery and mounting of systems for cooling electrical cabinets of steam presses, with cooling capacity of 20 kW, as well as other not mentioned installations.

Long-standing users of our services in the field of cooling are:

  • Prilep Brewery, 
  • Zaječar Brewery (Heineken Srbija),
  • Novi Sad Brewery (Heineken Srbija),
  • Trebjesa Nikšić Brewery (Molson Coors Brewing Company), 
  • Varvarin Voće,
  • West Pharmaceutical Services Ltd. Beograd, 
  • Alltech Serbia Senta.




Whether for a future project or to obtain more information on about our company, you may contact one of our offices and our devoted personnel will quickly put you in contact with the person who can best satisfy your needs.

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